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       We build the computer you want to suit your needs!

       Local warranty - Call East Longmeadow Not East Asia!

       We manufacture only quality computers using premium components!

       Standard parts - not proprietary -- fully upgradeable by any vendor!

       We include FREE delivery & installation!+

       We include pre-installed security software - at no extra charge!

       We transfer your documents, pictures & music from your old PC - for free!

       We scrub your data & recycle your old PC upon request - at no extra charge!

       One year warranty on hardware - just like the brands - but no calls to India!

       Value & Satisfaction!


+ (for local residential clients)



Our promise: no “geek-speak” or high-pressure sales!


Do you use your computer for business? For web browsing? For digital editing? For gaming? For making movies? For spreadsheets? For e-mail? For music? For writing letters? For research? For puzzles? For videos? For messaging? For webcamming? For job hunting? For accounting? For shopping? For writing poetry? For blogging? For school? For work? For fun? For journaling? For staying in touch? For everything?

You deserve the computer that’s right for you!



Paths of Creation is a brand new division of GoGeeks Computer Rescue focused upon building you the desktop computer you deserve to suit your needs. Let us walk with you on your path for a little while and discover what you need and what you want to maximize your computing experience. Value & Satisfaction lies ahead.


*(All computers built to your specification. At least 50% deposit required when order is placed. All orders are special orders and no cancellation is permitted. Delivery is typically 4 weeks. Free services included in all purchases are valued at approximately $350. Office clients receive discounts on installation and networking as needed. One year local warranty. Call 413/525-8897 to arrange for free local consultation at our offices or at your place of residence.)*

Following is an interview with Stan Prager, founder and President of GoGeeks and the developmental force behind Paths of Creation:


What is Paths of Creation?


Paths of Creation is a brand new division of GoGeeks Computer Rescue focused exclusively upon computer manufacture.


Why is it called Paths of Creation?


We are all different. We all follow different paths. On the tech side, we often use computers in very different ways. Why should you have to settle for a generic computer designed with the anonymous crowd in mind? Instead, we’ll walk down your path a little way with you and design a computer just for you, just for your needs. Together we’ll create a computer that is just right for you!


Aren’t there already choices out there in the marketplace?


Not really. Most of the desktops on the retail shelves are fairly similar, fairly mediocre PC’s with different color cases. It’s what is inside that is important, and most of what is inside just isn’t very good in the way of quality or performance.


What about online options?


There is often an illusion when you order and configure a PC from an online vendor that you are making choices, but actually the choices are very limited. And many of the options are not the critical ones you’d like to make, but rather a handful of carefully crafted alternatives. In any event, the whole thing is presented in such a complicated manner that it is extremely difficult for the non-techie to cut through all the techno-babble and get what they really want or need.


How is Paths of Creation different?


In every way.


We work with the individual client to determine what you need, what you want, what you can afford. Do you want to do digital photo editing? Then you need a different machine from the guy who does Excel spreadsheets all day. Are you into music and movies? Then you should have something suited to those interests. And that doesn’t always mean that you should get a cheaper or a more expensive PC - it does mean that you probably need an alternate configuration to maximize what you want to get out of your computer.


And we offer a free consultation, where we discuss it all calmly & thoroughly with you, one-on-one, in English - no “geek-speak” or high pressure sales.


Didn’t GoGeeks build custom PC’s all along? Is this concept really so unique?


Absolutely. Yes, GoGeeks has been building Custom PC’s for satisfied clients for almost seven years. Yet, while our stuff was always better quality and more versatile than anything you could find at retail, in some ways we weren’t all that different on the conceptual end. After all, they had models. We had models. We had a $999, a $1499, a $1999, and so on. And we could offer more, and do more with our models than any of our competitors, including true customization for our clients. But often we tended to pigeonhole people, without meaning to, by putting them into a certain price point. The Custom PC’s weren’t nearly so custom after all.


What inspired Paths of Creation?


A combination of factors.


The first was encounters with customers for our products who truly needed a machine that was extremely customized. A photographer who worked with extremely large files in raw format. A musician who wanted to record music on his computer. A guy who made movies on his home computer! We had special hardware and software requirements for these clients.


The second was surprising sales of rather high-end computers to clients who did not have these kinds of special requirements. These customers were lawyers, tax accountants, marketing executives. Business customers. Why did they buy at this end of the scale? They were tired of low-end crummy computers that cost them thousands of dollars over time in lost productivity. They didn’t want to make movies - they wanted to make money! Time was important to them & they wanted speed, quality, performance.


I realized that all of our clients wanted the same thing - quality and performance - but they wanted it for different reasons, to do different things. Duh! Out of that “duh” came a sort of epiphany and Paths of Creation was born.


How does a client go about placing an order with Paths of Creation?


Well, we offer a free consultation - in our offices or at their home, if they live locally. When the order is placed, we take a 50% deposit. Then we order the parts specific to their configuration and manufacture the PC. In most cases, it takes about four weeks, sometimes a little longer, sometimes a little shorter.


How does delivery and installation differ from the competition?


Again, in every conceivable way.


When you buy a computer at the store, it goes in the trunk of your car and you are on your own. If you order online a box gets dropped on your doorstep. There are on-site services available at a premium price to assist you if you need it, but most consumers suffer through the set-up process on their own. And if something goes wrong … well, let the nightmare begin …


When you purchase a custom computer from Paths of Creation, delivery and installation are FREE for all residential clients in the local area. That includes getting you on the internet, setting up your email, installing your printer and digital camera, etc. etc. etc. We also transfer your data at no extra charge from your old PC - documents, pictures & music. And you don’t have to worry about security because all Paths of Creation custom computers come pre-installed with a top-notch security suite, also at no extra charge. We also include free recycling of your old equipment, which guarantees your privacy by scrubbing the data off of your old hard drive prior to disposal. The free products and services we include are worth about $350. (Office clients receive discounted rates on installation and networking.)


What about upgrade options?


Virtually all of our models are upgradeable to one degree or another. But more importantly, all of the parts we use are standard parts. The brand names use proprietary parts, which not only limits the PC upgrade life but even the ability to effect repairs at a reasonable price. Standard parts mean an almost infinite ability to upgrade or repair with our help or using the vendor of your choice. This could be important if you move out of the area someday.


What if something goes wrong?


That is rare, but a computer is after all made of parts like anything else, and parts can randomly fail, even on top notch machines. We offer a one-year hardware warranty, just like all the major brands, but our warranty is local. No calls to India or Taiwan. Call East Longmeadow not East Asia. No jumping through hoops over the phone to “prove” your PC really crashed: You call. We come to your house. We take care of it. It’s as simple as that. Items covered under warranty are repaired or replaced at no charge for parts or labor. Period. End of story. And if you are out of warranty we are still your local service providers under the familiar GoGeeks “rescue” mantle.



Do you have some kind of motto at Paths of Creation?


I thought you’d never ask! Our motto is: “Value & Satisfaction” I think that sums it up nicely, don’t you?