Also Available: GoGeeks Depot Drop Offs

New for 2010, GoGeeks launched an exciting new venture -- The Depot Partner Program -- so clients can now drop off PC’s evenings and weekends, at a variety of locations. According to GoGeeks President Stan Prager: “This concept was born out of the need to make it easier for clients who live farther away – as well as those with busy schedules -- to drop off their computers to us. ” Select local businesses – including Longmeadow’s Shoenique, Hampden Discount Liquors, & The Village Store & Café in Wilbraham – have partnered with GoGeeks to serve as convenient drop off centers. PC’s dropped off are then picked up by GoGeeks within 24 hours, usually the same day. “Clients can now drop off computers seven days a week, mornings & evenings,” Prager points out. “And we also send new customers to our depot centers! Partnering with another local business forms a symbiotic relationship that can only strengthen both parties.”

Current Depot Drop-Off Locations:

714 Bliss Road
(at Longmeadow shops by Starbucks & CVS)
Mon-Sat 10-6
Sun 12-5

Village Store & Café
462 Main Street
(across from Louis & Clark)
(413) 596-3300
Mon- Fri 6:30 AM to 8:00 PM
Sat 7:00 am to 6:30 PM
Sun 7:00am to 3:00 pm

Hampden Discount Liquors
7 Allen Street
Hampden, MA
(next to Dunkin's Donuts)
Mon-Th 9AM-10PM
Fri & Sat 9AM-11PM
Sun 12-6

Tudor House Liquors
161 Shaker Road
East Longmeadow, MA
(next to Frigo's)
Mon-Th 9AM-10PM
Fri & Sat 9AM-11PM
Sun 12-6

Odyssey Bookshop
9 College Street
South Hadley, MA
(across from Mt.Holyoke College)
Mon-Fri 10AM-8PM
Sat 10AM-6PM
Sun 12-5