GoGeeks! FAQ's
(Frequently Asked Questions)

What is GoGeeks!?

GoGeeks! is first and foremost a rescue business! We come to you because "housecalls are our business!" You don't have to unplug anything or cart your PC across town. We schedule a service call with you and a Superhero shows up at your door. It's as easy as that!

How does a service call work?

You make an appointment and one of our Superheroes shows up at your door. An attempt will be made to resolve your issue on site. If that is not possible, a quote will be given for the estimated cost of repair and the PC will go back to the shop. In this case, you will be contacted to schedule the return of your PC once it is repaired.

How much is a service call and how does payment work?

A service call is $80 and basically covers up to two hours of time in your home resolving your issue. If it is determined that your issue cannot be resolved on a service call basis -- for instance, if your PC needs to go back to the shop -- then we DO NOT charge you the service call if you authorize this additional work. We will give you a repair estimate before we take your PC. If this estimate changes, we will contact you by phone for authorization to continue. In all cases, if it cannot be repaired or if you do not wish to have it repaired, your only liability is the original $80 charge. Our goal here is to provide a professional, value-based service at a fair price with no surprises!

What methods of payment do you accept?

We expect payment at time of service unless other arrangements have been made in advance. We accept cash, personal check, all major credit cards and PayPal. Returned checks are subject to fees to cover the cost our bank charges us in this circumstance.

What guarantees do you offer?

Most replacement hardware parts are warranteed for 6 months to a year. All custom PC's come with a 1 year limited hardware warranty. We cannot warranty or guarantee anything software related, nor can we offer assurances against viruses, spyware, software incompatibility or your usage of your computer and peripherals -- we can only offer advice in this regard. If you are not satisfied with work we do on your computer -- and you notify us immediately -- in most cases it will be done over at no additional charge. We cannot guarantee we can solve all of your problems! Keep in mind that computer technology and the Microsoft Windows operating systems are undergoing constant changes that can and will have unintended impacts on your computer experience. On the other hand, we will guarantee that you will be treated fairly and honestly by GoGeeks! and that we will communicate with you directly in language you can understand.

What else?

We value our integrity and our safety. We reserve the right not to travel to certain areas or certain neighborhoods. We also reserve the right to refuse to do business with any individual or business entity we so choose. If you miss a scheduled appointment or treat our people in a rude or threatening fashion, we may opt to add you to that list.

Why do people love GoGeeks! so much?

We are the best -- and the most modest! But seriously, GoGeeks! takes very good care of it's clients and these clients often refer us to their friends, family and colleagues as a result. We are very loyal to our customer base and they have been very loyal to us in return. We are often told that we are held in such high esteem by our customers because it is very difficult to find computer professionals who are not arrogant or condescending, who speak to you in plain English, who are honest and dependable, and who actually deliver on their promises.