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  • Update Your Router Increases Your Internet Speed and Productivity! - You can admit that once you bought your router and hooked it up, it has been lying in the same spot for a long time - maybe even years. Since your internet has still been working fine, you may not even think twice about updating your router or see why it would be necessary. But, with WIFI becoming more and more of a necessity these days - especially with new electronics possibly coming your way - it is important to have the strongest wireless internet connection possible. There are two types of routers - those that are wireless G and wireless N. Wireless N and G routers are the two standard routers you'll currently find in most retail stores. Wireless G is usually labeled as being "good" internet and Wireless N routers are usually labeled as the "best" for wireless internet. Wireless N is the newer and more advanced wireless technology, while most most families are still using Wireless G routers in their home. Technically speaking Wireless N routers can provide ranges higher than 10 times that of a Wireless G router and Wireless N routers have also been reported to provide speeds of up to 5 times that of Wireless G router. Updating your router this holiday season could eliminate future troubleshooting issues and get you on board with your new device that much quicker!