We are accepting applications for:
  • Computer Tech PT/FT
We are also looking for contractors! Contractors are PC savvy independent experts (like you perhaps!) who handle clients on our behalf on an ad hoc basis . Rather than hourly wages, contractors are paid on a percentage of revenue they generate from client based work. Our requirements are summarized below:
  • Must be available to work in the greater Springfield MA region
  • Must have own car
  • Must be familiar with the home PC environment
  • Must have excellent & friendly communication skills
  • Must be down-to-earth and comfortable explaining technical matters to non-technical people without being arrogant or condescending
  • Must have a great personality
  • Must be able to sell products & services to clients
  • Must sign a non-compete agreement
  • We are seeking individuals with a variety of PC skills - we are not looking for IT professionals!
  • We pay you a percentage of revenue based upon the revenue you generate and your skill level we do not pay wages or benefits to contractors
  • You are treated as a self-employed contractor & are responsible for your own taxes
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