About the Founder

Stan Prager, GoGeeks! President

Stan Prager, founder and president of GoGeeks!, spent more than twenty-five years in management in the retail industry, including stints as Regional Manager and General Manager with big box electronic firms. Because his background is informed more by sales and customer service than by technology itself, Prager has greater empathy for the average user than most computer "nerds." The idea for GoGeeks! sprang from his experience as a child in the 1960's when the TV went on a fritz. In those days -- one TV, black & white, 9 stations -- the television was the central object of family entertainment, and when it went down it had a paralyzing effect! No one would have thought to lug the huge beast to a repair shop. Instead, a panicked phone call would eventually deliver to your door a little man in a van with a trademark TV antenna on the roof. He would fiddle with it, replace a tube or two, and you were back in business! In many homes today, the PC occupies that same central role that a TV once did. Yet, there was little support for the home user. All those IT guys could save you at work, but at home you had little recourse but hours of frustrating phone support that resolved none of your issues, or the prospect of unplugging the machine (where does that wire go anyhow?!) and dropping it off with uncertain assurances to some local shop, where it could languish for days or even weeks. Then you would have to pay an arm and a leg to get it back, and you would have to figure out how to wire it all back up and guess what -- sometimes it wasn't fixed at all! GoGeeks! is Prager's response to this problem. If there's a problem with the PC, GoGeeks! will rescue you! An understanding tech who does not talk down to you shows up at your door and evaluates the problem, resolving the issue on site or bringing your Pc back to the shop for more intensive work. Either way, GoGeeks! does it all for you -- at no additional charge. Growing up in the '60's, the young Stan Prager was deeply influenced by comic books featuring superheroes, and thus the GoGeeks! motif was born!

Stan has a degree in history from Fairfield University, and has a variety of non-computer-related interests, including politics, American history, anthropology, literature, photography and writing. He got his first computer in 1994, which underscores just how new this technology really is.