Networking: Let GoGeeks! Rescue you!

When the word "networking" gets used by the non-technical audience, what often comes to mind is a couple of dozen computer workstations wired together in a business office environment. While the definition that image conjures up is indeed accurate, there is much more that sits under the shade of the networking umbrella. Home networking is one of these.

Home Networking

-- You Can All Surf the Web at the Same Time!

Home networking generally means sharing your internet connection, although it can be more than that, as well. But sharing your internet connection is a big deal! Something that hardly anyone talked about as recently as three years ago, setting up a home network to share your high speed connection is much in demand these days.

Why is that?

Well, first of all, more and more households have two and sometimes three or four or five computers in all. This is both because the price of purchasing a new PC has dropped considerably, as well as due to the pressure for multiple family members to use a PC simultaneously Ė for school, for work, for pleasure. The logical outgrowth of this is the need to get online at the same time, which was possible in the days of dial-up only if you had more than one phone line.

Then along came cable and DSL high speed connections. Every day, thousands of Americans make the switch from their old dial-up AOL, EarthLink and WorldNet connections to their local cable or telephone companyís brand of high-speed access. No more waiting interminably as the modem dials and struggles to connect, no more making another cup of tea while an image downloads, no more busy signals on your phone when friends and family try to reach you.

But now that you have high-speed and

more than one computer, whatís next?

Thatís where home networking comes in! A device called a router gets connected to your cable or DSL modem, and suddenly you can hook up dozens of computers wired or wirelessly and all get online at once without paying an additional dime to your internet service provider! You can even take your laptop out on your deck and surf the web at high speed! Now thatís something!

But something else is getting it all hooked up and running smoothly Ö

Let GoGeeks! Rescue you!

GoGeeks! will consult with you, make recommendations, quote you a price, install your network and leave you smiling! We provide the equipment, the know-how and the customer service orientation to deliver what you are looking for. We can get your internet shared and we can do more: we can set up printer sharing, so that you can send a document to your printer from your laptop on the deck or by the pool; we can lock you down securely so your neighbors canít intrude on your network; we can even set up file sharing so you can effortlessly copy or move documents, pictures and music among your home computers.

Office Networking Too!

In addition to home networking, GoGeeks! also provides networking service and support for small office and home office. Call today for more information about our networking services.