GoGeeks! offers a whole new approach to training

A whole new way to learn!

Are you baffled by your computer, frustrated with features your friends and family find simple, unable to download an attachment or burn a CD? Let GoGeeks! rescue you with Computer 101 training sessions that will build your confidence, hone your skills and take you effortlessly to the next level!


Are you a confident, power user with well-developed computer skills looking to get to the next level with business applications like Excel or Access? Let GoGeeks! rescue with you intermediate and advanced training that will save you time and improve your productivity.

The GoGeeks! approach to training is different from the conventional one. First of all, there are no classes to attend at some remote location. Nor is there the other extreme --audio, video or online instruction that requires daily self-motivation.

So what is our secret?

We believe that adults learn best through focused one-on-one in person training sessions at your home or office, on your computer, at your convenience – one hour at a time!

All you do is call the office, discuss your training needs and book an appointment. We will show up at your home or office when scheduled, allow ten minutes or so of get-acquainted time, then dive in with you on the agreed agenda. That’s right: agreed agenda! That means that you communicate what you are looking to accomplish and we will work with you to achieve your goals. Obviously, you need to be realistic based upon the time available and your skill level going into the session, but with that in mind more than 95% of all of our "pupils" report success with the GoGeeks! training method.

Keep in mind that there are no prerequisites for taking a course with us, no minimum or maximum number of sessions, no contracts to sign, no nonsense!

Computer 101 ...

For beginners, we offer a course called "Computer 101" that runs either a single focused one-hour session or a more ambitious & detailed course that is two sessions a week for four weeks. Once again, you can start with a single hour and expand it, or you can plan on multiple sessions and change your mind later. Training is risk-free!

Even more importantly, we understand that the computer novice is often intimidated by the technology and sometimes think they are not smart enough to master the material. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth! Anyone can use a computer – that’s why you see three year olds banging away on a keyboard. But a computer is the most expensive item you’ll buy that doesn’t come with instructions. So most people stumble through the technology and only utilize ten percent of their PC. One or two lessons –in your living room, on your PC, one on one – can change that dramatically. This is because learning to use a computer, like learning to read, is exponential – once you master the basics, each successive level is easier and easier!

See Spot Run ... See Spot Use Email!

Learning how to master your PC is a lot like learning to read when you were a kid: first you figure out that all those squiggly lines are letters, then that you can assemble the letters into words, and finally that those words can get strung together into sentences and paragraphs and chapters and books! Of course, once you’ve read "See Spot Run", the other books in the series come a lot easier and a lot faster! Computing for the novice user follows that metaphor pretty closely.

Don’t get left behind by the computer revolution! If you are like most people, you already have the computer - the big investment is behind you! A much smaller investment in training so you can actually maximize your computing potential will pay dividends in many, many ways.

Here are some of the skills we have helped our clients master:

  • How to use email.
  • How to download attachments.
  • How to burn a CD.
  • How to backup your data.
  • How to write a letter.
  • How to create a spreadsheet (with the appropriate software installed).
  • How to use search engines on the internet.
  • How to transition from AOL email to something else, like Outlook Express.
  • How to transfer pictures from your digital camera to your PC.
  • How to use your scanner.
  • How to edit photos.
  • How to maintain your PC.
  • How to understand the way your computer is configured so you can make it work for you.
  • How to send attachments.
  • How to create and store bookmarks on the web.
  • How to play music or movies on your PC.
  • How to burn a DVD.
  • How to use Microsoft Word on a basic, intermediate or advanced level.
  • How to use Outlook Express.
  • How to use Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Access or Outlook on a basic, intermediate or advanced level.
  • How to use advanced printing features.
  • And much, much more!

Don’t let your PC turn into an expensive ornament you only occasionally use for email and web browsing! Turn your PC and yourself into partners for success – call GoGeeks! today to talk about training and schedule your first session!