Meet The GoGeeks Team

Here at GoGeeks we pride ourselves on our customer service orientation in an industry generally known for just the opposite. To that end, we try to get to know all of our clients personally, so whether you are viewing this website on a computer we repaired for you or on one we built for you, you should have a sense that we have made an attempt to get to know you so that we can serve you better! At the same time, we thought you might like an opportunity to get to know us all a little better -- hence this edition of "Meet the Geeks!"

Check out the photos and bios of our team & the next time you call the shop or stop in, feel free to strike up a conversation based on the behind-the-scenes info you now possess!

Just want to add that we really appreciate your business & your loyalty -- we would never have made it for 14 years without you. Thank you so much for being a GoGeeks client and trusting us with your computer needs -- Stan & the entire GoGeeks team!

Stan Prager Founder & Owner of GoGeeks

Stan Prager spent more than 25 years in management in big box retail giants like CompUSA and OfficeMax before launching GoGeeks from the basement of his home back in 2001. Guided by his childhood memories of the TV repairman coming to the house to rescue a paralyzed family when the TV went down and the 1960s motif of comic superheroes, Stan founded GoGeeks based upon the principle that PC repair should be treated like automotive or appliance repair, & clients should not be treated with the kind of condescending disdain typical of most tech shops. He also pioneered housecall service, a relatively new concept at the time. Because of his background, Stan has a better understanding and more empathy towards the average PC user -- our clients! As the business grew, Stan left his basement behind & opened a shop on Benton Drive in East Longmeadow, later relocated to the current spot on Crane Ave. across from Walgreens near the rotary, where we enjoy better walk-in and drive-by traffic. Stan often appears on television as a technology consultant for ABC News-40. Stan recently earned a Master's Degree in Public History & is currently launching a new venture in digital archiving: a perfect marriage of history & technology! Want to turn those old photos and slides into digital images? - stay tuned! Stan - who is not a gamer - has interests that include history, anthropology, literature & Tarantino films. Stan has two grown kids off on their own, Sara & Jack. He lives in East Longmeadow with his wife, Susan.

Learn more about Stan Prager here:

Edwin Gonzalez-Ramirez Inside Tech

Eddy is the latest addition to our team and on a fast track to developing into a top quality tech. Originally hailing from Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, Eddy received his Associates Degree in Information Technology at Springfield Technical Community College, and joined GoGeeks after many years in the food industry. His hobbies are gaming, technology, and gardening, but he’s also a sports guy with a passion for basketball and football. Eddy enjoys spending time with his family and 2 dogs, especially getaways to the beach. Eddy tends to be a perfectionist who insists things are done the right way—the perfect ingredient for success in the technology arena!

Jay Beals Inside/Outside Tech

Jason Beals, a veteran inside tech, has worked in the computer field for more than a decade. He originally studied Computer Repair at Loring Job Corps in Limestone, Maine, then worked for CompUSA and Tech Cavalry before joining GoGeeks in September, 2012. Like the rest of the team, Jay is known for his pleasant demeanor and willingness to help clients through various PC challenges. Jay specializes in physical laptop repair, and is valued for his extensive knowledge and wide range of expertise, which includes Apple products. Jay lives in Williamsburg where the house he shares with parents is known for the most outrageous Halloween outdoor displays in the neighborhood! Outside of the shop, Jay enjoys online gaming and blacksmithing using his own blacksmith forge!

Tyler Brooks Tech Supervisor

Tyler Brooks (no relation to Jenn), who joined GoGeeks in March 2013, is primarily an inside tech who also goes out on the road. The only geek who drinks as much coffee as Stan, Tyler is known for his boundless energy, winning smile and can-do attitude. Clients love Tyler and often request him by name because he goes out of his way to help while maintaining a strong customer service orientation. Rare in the geek world, Tyler is as much at home under the hood of a car as a computer. Tyler has a degree in automotive technology from Westfield Vocational Technical High School, and worked at Auto Zone for some years before joining GoGeeks. He also studied IT Security at STCC. In addition to his strong PC repair skills, Tyler also specializes in Android devices such as tablets and smartphones, and provides training sessions for our clients upon request. A native of the tiny town of Tolland in the backwoods of MA, Tyler now shares a house with his partner in Springfield. In his spare time, Tyler enjoys working on cars and, of course, he is a gamer!

Our Location & Hours

4 Crane Avenue, East Longmeadow MA 01028 |  413-525-8897
(Near the rotary, corner of Crane & Maple, across from the Walgreens parking lot)
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GoGeeks is Open For Curbside Services Only Due to COVID - Temporary Hours Monday Through Friday 10AM-6PM

Drop off your computer to our shop for a FREE DIAGNOSTIC!
You do not need an appointment to drop-off during our regular business hours. Or drop-off to one of our Depot Partners below

For your convenience, GoGeeks has formed relationships with local businesses so clients can drop off computers evenings and weekends, at a variety of locations. According to GoGeeks President Stan Prager: “This concept was born out of the need to make it easier for clients who live farther away – as well as those with busy schedules – to drop off their computers to us.” Select local businesses have partnered with GoGeeks to serve as convenient drop off centers. Computers dropped off are then picked up by GoGeeks within 24 hours, usually the same day. “Clients can now drop off computers seven days a week, mornings & evenings,” Prager points out. “And we also send new customers to our depot centers! Partnering with another local business forms a symbiotic relationship that can only strengthen both parties.”

Drop offs to Depot Partners qualify for the same FREE DIAGNOSTIC as those dropped off directly to us. Once we get it back to our shop for evaluation, you will usually hear from us within 24 hours with a quote. When the repair is complete, you can pick it up from our shop or the same Depot Partner location where you dropped it off.

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GoGeeks Fan Mail

Fans Image

  • Dear Stan & Crew: My computer made and serviced by you has been a true lifesaver for me. Living at an assisted living facility for the past couple of years has meant a large change in my activities. Now that the Coronavirus has been among us we are, necessarily more restricted in our lives and, on several occasions have been restricted to our rooms; again due to avoiding the virus. My computer has been an absolutely blessing for me at all times, but especially with the circumstances under which we are forced to live these days. I visit bird feeders on a daily basis; I visited the islands in Maine to watch the puffins last summer. Watching the bears in Alaska feeding on the salmon this past season proved as interesting as always and the beautiful scenery from that section of our country is breathtaking. Traveling around the world by computer has provided me with hours of enjoyment. My ability to express the pleasure found is limited, but I am so very grateful for the pleasure this computer has brought to my life that I felt I had to share with you. I haven't even begun to mention the chances I have to shop or just browse about in different stores; and to purchase groceries, drug store items, and on and on. I recall how difficult it was for me, now at age 93 to learn how to operate a computer. My gratitude to you is unlimited. For your help, when needed and for your encouragement when I faltered. Thank you so very, very much. I do hope you and the GoGeeks are well and that you will all continue to accomplish the same help and encouragement you gave me. Stay well and safe –- Ellie Richards
  • "Stan, We would like to thank you and your staff for the courtesy and expertise shown to us during the selection and installation of our new computer and operating system.
    Jim installed the new system and walked me through the process all the while enduring my questions. He exhibited extraordinary patience with me as I am prone to probing the hows and whys of the computer and its programs.
    After taking the new setup on its technical "sea trials," I had several issues that I had been unable to resolve myself. Using your remote help feature, Jason talked me through those issues, resolving the problems I had been having.
    Jim's follow-up on site resolved a few additional hiccups, while he further enlightened me on the usage of programs new to me. We are looking forward to our new experiences using the faster and superior updated features of the custom CPU and the newer Windows 8.1.
    Thank you again, Stan, for presenting the benefits of a newer system and your patience and courtesy while guiding us through the quantum leap from our old system into the new age."
    -- Joanne and Bob Richards

  • "I would like to take this opportunity to thank Stan Prager and GoGeeks for protecting me from a telephone scam. I watched his video and when a call came in pretending that my computer had called windows about a virus, I was ready. I asked for their phone number to call them back as I feared this might be a scam. He started to recite a number he couldn't quite remember and then the line went. As a senior citizen I do not have money to waste on these people..." -- Betty, East Longmeadow MA

  • "Stan and Crew, Thank you for the follow-up work...I appreciate the commitment to Customer Service & Satisfaction! Tyler was very efficient and helpful!" -- Charlie and Pat, Wilbraham MA

  • "Service was excellent! You promptly, efficiently and happily removed my virus! Thank you!" -- Dave, Springfield MA

  • "GoGeeks to the rescue lives up to their reputation, service, and name! I have used this company for a few years and they always have come through with resolutions to the problems quickly. The staff is courteous and try to resolve the problem before a housecall. They are the best." -- Vicki, Longmeadow MA

  • "You guys are the best, thank you for fixing my laptop, I got home and it fired right up. My SkyCaddies is also up and running, I couldn't be happier." -- Cheryl, Wilbraham MA

  • "To the computer geeks - Thank you for your competent efficient service. If my computer should go down again I hope it's something serious!! As you know - at times computers can be useless. They can only give you answers! Thanks again for all your help. P.S. According to Gardener's Law: Ninety percent of all people in all professions are incompetent but not the GoGeeks personnel."
    - Eamon O., Springfield MA

  • "Stan and his team have always been 'Johnny on the spot' whenever I've called for help. It's always good to rely on neighbors for service." -- Debbie

  • "You guys do a great job! My computer works great." -- Rita

  • "GoGeeks - We've been with Stan since he was a one man shop! He's cured viruses, scared away spyware, fixed lost cause computers, and most recently built us a customized, AWESOME, super speedy family play toy (I mean, Computer!) They are honest, quick, and fix anything we can throw at them...and we throw a lot! -- Ann's post on her website under "Businesses We LUV"

  • "I began using 'GoGeeks' many years ago after I had the experience of dealing with a commercial store that instructed me to call India for help. I promised myself then that I would never make a purchase where I would have to call another country for help. After that experience, I thought to myself, there must be someone locally that can give me personal attention regarding computer information. That was when I learned of Stan and his 'GoGeeks' business. I have been a loyal fan of his ever since. Recently, I bought a new computer from Stan because I rely on his knowledge, always being available to answer questions I have, and always providing immediate personal attention. The staff of 'GoGeeks' is like 'frosting on the cake!' They are always there when you need them, knowledgeable, courteous, and quick to respond to any questions or help that I need. All I can say is 'A great big thank you' for the amazing service you provide. It is comforting to know I can rely on 'GoGeeks.'" -- Nancy

  • "Dear Stan and your fantastic Team, Of course I wish for you all a happy time and many, many years to come. But I have a story to tell, read on. Remember that Old Tandy died Sept 10, 2009 and GoGeeks revived it, performed a transplant and recovery was complete Nov 4, 2009. I will never forget that day. Here is the rest of the story…This month I am updating the genealogy data, namely new addresses and entering deaths and births, etc. I worried, hunted and found the right floppy disk. Can I remember how to start Old Tandy and will it read the old 720 size disk? Yahoo! Next, can I re-learn the old MS-DOS and Intuit software? So far, yes to all but my frayed nerves require respite to calm down. Still more changes to make. I am daily thinking of the heroic work, knowledge and our pleasant times together. You performed miracles as if it were a daily outcome. Thank you again and again and you have a team of the best in the field and I would send each of you a gold star if I had them. Your most devoted customer and friend, Ann." -- Ann Gilman

  • "Your company recently did a data recovery and transfer from my old Toshiba laptop to a new HP. My Toshiba had a bad mother-board and could not be recovered by the GeekSquad at BestBuy (after working on it for over a week). After less than 48 hours, GoGeeks was able to recover over 95% of the data from my old (dead) laptop, including over 1,500 pictures from my recent 2 week vacation in Italy (which I didn’t have backed up anywhere else)! All three employees at GoGeeks that I interacted with were extremely professional, friendly, and clearly experts in their industry. I want to say thank you so much for your promptness and exceptional customer service." -- Toni Pantuosco

  • "@GoG33ks, Thanks for the great job fixing my machine (replaced raid drive & expanded partition). It's appreciated! -- George Schaler, Schaler Photography via Twitter

  • "Stan & the Go Geeks Crew are life savers. They have saved me a number of times but the first time was the worst. I was a victim of the "Rogue Security Program" that mimiced my original Antivirus system. I clicked on it and it told me that my computer had dozens of viruses. I even bought the actual virus thinking that it was the antivirus fix. Needless to say I paid them money to infect my computer. Go geeks to the rescue and Stan told me to cancel the credit card that was used to order this trojan and I shipped my computer to your office. Thanks for your skillfull diagnosis and all of your Malware alerts - I won't be scammed again. Keep up the Superheroic work." -- Sonya

  • "Thanks bunches for saving me from the "FBI." Your card made my day. I'll always call on GoGeeks. You're nicer to talk to than Asia!!!!!" -- Margaret

  • "Our Dell Computer recently died. We went to GoGeeks for help. For a reasonable fee, they were able to save our files (thank God!). But where Stan and his staff earned our respect and loyalty was when we asked them for a letter verifying they looked at the computer and deemed it not worth fixing. We had filed a warranty claim with our credit card company but couldn't process the claim without that letter. Stan sent the letter to us within a day and our claim was processed successfully. GoGeeks already was paid for their service, they didn't need to write the letter, but they did. In a time when people are always looking to make a quick buck, Stan and his staff at GoGeeks actually cared and went above and beyond. We hope we don't need them often, but they will be the first place we call if we do and we will be sure to let all our family and friends know how Stan and his staff run GoGeeks." -- John, MA

  • "Hi Merrill and 'geeks' - I appreciate your prompt service and expertise. You will be my first choice when I have a problem again (as I'm sure I will). I recommend you to everyone I talk with. The thank you card was a nice touch. Thanks again." -- Sandra

  • "Thank you again, Merrill, and I also wanted to mention I like the website and emails very much. I especially think it's great that the employee pictures and profiles are there. As a customer it makes me feel more comfortable and somewhat, "part of the GoGeek family":) I've been a satisfied customer and know that I will continue to be in the future. I LOVE the fact that I can call East Longmeadow when I have questions or problems. Keep up the good work, Everyone!! I always recommend GoGeeks!!"-- Kathy Kakley, MA

  • "I am so happy with my laptop after bringing it to GoGeeks. I finally have peace of mind that it is working well. I have definitely recommended GoGeeks to my friends and family.Thanks to Merrill for all your help. How nice of you to send me a thank you note. I like seeing all the faces behind the scenes." -- Carol Lichwala

  • "Thank Goodness I Found GoGeeks! - I became legally blind, and truly feared I would not be able to work again! GoGeeks really came to the rescue - built me a more friendly computer, installed dictation programs, ZoomText technology - and then PATIENTLY instructed me on all the nuances and capabilities of the system. I now happily work every day and can overcome my visual impairment – it made me functional again! Thank goodness I found GoGeeks!"
    -- Peter L. Meunier, Founder & Co-Owner, CanAm Fibers, Inc., Wilbraham, MA

  • "Great Diagnosis Skills and Recommendations - I was having speed issues with my computers and internet connection until Stan came to my house to look over my setup and correctly diagnose the issues. He then provided cost effective recommendations that have worked very well for me for over 6 months. Thanks Stan and team!"
    -- Carl, Longmeadow, MA

  • "Very Satisfied Long Time Customers of GoGeeks! - We are so pleased that a good friend of ours recommended that we contact GoGeeks for help with our computer. Stan and his associates promptly came to our house and settled the issues we had at the time. We were so pleased that we eventually had GoGeeks build us a new computer, updating the properties and giving us new and very satisfying computer use. Whenever we have a question they immediately answer it over the telephone or come to our house to help us. When necessary they take the computer back to the office and in good time return it and set it up. As seniors in our 80's we really do appreciate the services provided by GoGeeks."
    -- Marion and Bob W., Springfield MA

  • "Stan has been fixing our computer for several years, always shows up at our house on time, gives extra time and always explains what's done and why. Anytime we need work done we wouldn't call anyone else. Gogeeks is the way to go for great service ans a very good price."
    -- anonymous

  • "We have been utilizing the services of GoGeeks for over seven years. Computer rescue, repairs, upgrades... you name it and we have depended on them. Always prompt, courteous and capable. They get the job done efficiently and at a fair price. We've never even thought of going elsewhere for service. As a matter of fact, we are so confident in their ability that we had them build our most recent computer and set up our wireless network. Simply the best!!!! We have recommended GoGeeks to our friends whenever they have had a computer problem and will continue to do so."
    -- anonymous

  • "GoGeeks - Always Highly Recommended - I have nothing but praise for this local Computer Rescue and Sales company. Their service is definitely five-star, as is their staff. I met the owner, Stan, about 10 years ago when his business was located at his residence and have not looked back since for my computer service needs. He has since moved to a GREAT location in East Longmeadow, as his business and staff have grown, and he STILL returns my calls on a dime! He is busy like I am when we meet but always takes the time to explain what he is doing. He has prompt service and will not leave until the job is done.
    They have ALWAYS gone above and beyond in customer satisfaction. They have answered my "side questions" with enthusiasm, whether explaining a handheld gaming system, my son's video gaming setup, or just a quick laptop check. They built my son's gaming computer a couple of years ago and we are now ready to upgrade so will be giving GoGeeks a call. Anyway, Stan and staff...I wish you the best of luck in your new location and will be seeing you soon. I truly appreciate everything you have done for me over the years and look forward to the next 10 years (and more) of service and support."
    -- Cheryl, Hampden, MA

  • "GoGeeks - Simply Terrific! - We have been using GoGeeks for computer rescue, repairs, upgrades and the like for over seven years. They have been responsive and dependable whenever the need has occurred, and always at a very reasonable price. As a matter of fact, GoGeeks is the ONLY computer repair service that we have ever used. We have so much confidence in their knowledge and ability that we had them build our most recent computer. We have no reason to look elsewhere. Sign us "completely satisfied"!"
    -- Charlie G, Longmeadow, MA

  • "Highly Recommended - We've been using Go Geeks for years. Very prompt service and reasonably priced. It took us a long time to find some we could rely on to service our computers. Thanks to Stan that problem has been solved!"
    -- Gary B, Springfield MA

  • "Stan Knows His Stuff - I have used Stan and his company for a long time. Everyone that works for Stan they know what there are doing. I have had many viruses in my computer and they gotten everything working just like it was brand new. I would recommend this company 100%. When you call Stan he is always right there when you need him. Thanks Stan for all the work that you have done for us."
    -- Deb, Wilbraham, MA

  • "GoGeeks Are Great - I have used Stan and his company for over a decade, and have recommended him highly to friends and colleagues, who have thanked me for the referral. He is a great guy, a pleasure to see and do business with. He always responds promptly and takes care of all my emergencies, at my home and at my office."
    -- Sherry H, Hampden MA

  • "GoGeeks - If you are the sort of person who treats their computer with tender loving care like I do then when your electronic baby is in trouble GoGeeks is exactly who you should call. Stan has been making service calls to my home for several years now. No need to worry about long hours waiting around for a service call. Stan and his crew are always on time and at your home exactly when they promise. If they can not fix the problem on sight then your computer is taken to the shop, and you can be certain of a good turnaround time. You will never be sorry when you trust your computer with GoGeeks!"
    -- Stacy
  • "Stan Is The Man! - My wife and I are seniors, working with some digital pictures and music. We also do email and web surfing for education and research. Stan set us up with a PC that is what we need, as opposed to more than we need. For a superior customer service experience and a PC that fits your personal needs - talk to Stan and has techs at GoGeeks. Remember - you get what you pay for. Don't pay twice, get it right the first time!"
    -- Charlie T., Wilbraham, MA

  • "GoGeeks Keeps Me Connected! - I operate a small business in western Mass. Our existence is based on staying connected with my buyers. If my technology is not up and running, I'm nowhere! The team at GoGeeks is the partner I turn to for swift action, and a deep understanding of how important turnaround time is when I need them most. More--Over the years, I have used GoGeeks to custom build every computer in my office! We get the capacity we need at a fraction of the cost of purchasing online or walking into a local computer retailer."
    -- Deb Axtell, Springfield, MA

  • "Fantastic!! - I've been doing business with Stan for many years and have had the best and fastest service every time. The fact that he makes house calls, even for a laptop, is great. I've bought a couple of computers through Stan in the past. Even though I now live in FL I will be contacting him about a new one and will probably pick it up when I'm up there visiting."
    -- Nancy Albert, Jupiter FL

  • "GoGeeks... to the Rescue - I have used this company for years. If you want good service, call them. You can't do better than GoGeeks."
    -- by Audrey Bryant, Westfield, MA

  • "GoGeeks – Go Great! - The things I love about GoGeeks: Stan and his crew return my calls almost immediately; they understand what my problem is -- no matter how I explain it to them; and, if they can't address the problem over the phone, I get a service call almost immediately. They provide EXCELLENT service!"
    -- Jacki Barden, Wilbraham MA

  • "The Good Guys - I have been doing business with Stan's Go Geeks for several years now. I bought a personal custom computer from him a few years ago, and I am fully satisfied with its performance. I like the fact that I can call a local business for service, rather than an unintelligible foreigner. Besides that, Stan and his team are good people who will do the job right."
    -- Tim Connelly, Longmeadow MA

  • "Always Helpful - I have dealt with GoGeeks computer rescue for years now and I can't say enough about them. From building me a computer to setting up wireless in my kid’s dorm room at college, they have been great. There is never a long wait time and coming to your home is so easy. I recommend them for all your computer needs."
    -- Cindy Chaplin, Ludlow, MA

  • "Family Friendly - Go Geeks has been great for the whole family. The first time I called Go Geeks Stan came right over. I had him build us both computers we have now. He was always concerned about not just my needs but the needs of the rest of the family and what we really needed and could use in a computer. In the time we have used Go Geeks we have become not just a customer but also friends with Stan."
    -- Steve wood, East Longmeadow, MA

  • "GoGeeks - The BEST!! - We have used GoGeeks for many years and have always received prompt, professional and personal service. Stan and his staff are THE BEST!! After our first OTC computer, we asked Stan to build one for our needs and could not have been happier with the results. Stan also services the 3 PC's we have and has kept us from acquiring any viruses with his recommendations for security products. He and his staff are extremely knowledgeable about computers and continually stay abreast of any and all state of the art developments in the field. Wouldn't use anyone else!"
    -- Ann Hegarty, East Longmeadow, MA

  • "GoGeeks = Awesome! - Stan built us an amazing computer...just what we wanted...and we have him out for an annual tune-up to keep things running perfectly; in between times, if a question arises, a quick phone call or email and my questions are answered immediately! Thanks Stan, for all that you do!
    -- Janet L, Belchertown, MA

  • "Call GoGeeks Computer Rescue & You'll :) :) -- If you want peace of mind, like I do, then call GoGeeks Computer Rescue in East Longmeadow, MA. Years ago, when I first bought a computer, I ended up calling East Asia -- becoming more frustrated -- and will never, never, never, do that again. Finding Stan at GoGeeks in East Longmeadow lifted a big weight off of my shoulders knowing I could depend on him to help me promptly with any problems or questions that I had. They are so dependable, reasonably priced and worth every penny! I have the utmost confidence in GoGeeks, and it is located in my hometown. How great & convenient is that?! Thanks, Stan! :) :) :)"
    -- Nancy Heath, East Longmeadow, MA

  • "GoGeeks Computer Rescue - I have used GoGeeks ever since I started using a computer, and I must say, they're UNBELIEVABLE! Stan is a total genius- he can fix any problem you might have, and the people he employs are courteous and so smart! I'll never go anywhere else. I'd recommend GoGeeks to EVERYONE! They are really the best around, and they don't make you feel stupid.(I'm so not a computer person). Fast, reasonably priced. EXCELLENT! I always feel safe trusting my computer to them."
    -- Donalyn Gross, Springfield, MA

  • "Stan has been fixing our computer for several years, always shows up at our house on time, gives extra time and always explains what's done and why. Anytime we need work done we wouldn't call anyone else. GoGeeks is the way to go for great service and a very good price."
    -- Anonymous

  • "We have been utilizing the services of GoGeeks for over seven years. Computer rescue, repairs, upgrades ... you name it and we have depended on them. Always prompt, courteous and capable. They get the job done efficiently and at a fair price. We've never even thought of going elsewhere for service. As a matter of fact, we are so confident in their ability that we had them build our most recent computer and set up our wireless network. Simply the best!!!! We have recommended GoGeeks to our friends whenever they have had a computer problem and will continue to do so."
    -- Anonymous

  • "GoGeeks is fantastic. Have been doing business with Stan for quite a few years and have not found anyone better. Even though I'm now in FL, I'll be calling Stan to get me a new computer and will pick it up when I'm in MA."
    --– Anonymous

  • "GoGeeks has been our computer service company for many years and we could not be happier with the service, professionalism and personal touch Stan and his well- versed staff have given us. We use Stan for all our computer needs, including building us a customized hard drive to servicing the 3 PC's in the house. And he makes house calls!! Wouldn't use anyone else."
    -- P.Hegarty

  • "I have been a customer for several years and this is a top rate business. Reasonable, responsive to your needs and very caring. Have purchased two computers from them and use them for any needed service as well. Highly recommend."
    -- Marjorie P. Wood

  • "GoGeeks the Best: A great teacher to show how to use computer the perfect way. Always there when needed, rain snow etc. Can depend on GoGeeks for everything. Call, they will listen."
    -- Barb, Hampden

  • "GoGeeks! - You've seen the ads, they come to the house, fix your computer and the price is right. What else could you wish for!
    My story is my ante-Windows computer with obsolete software died. It was a 20-year project using a database of details to write a book.
    "GoGeeks to the Rescue." No reminders of earlier warnings, no "I told you so" and no "there is nothing to be done, start over." Instead, an attitude of trying to solve my problem, weekly updates and consulting about possible progress. This kept my hopes up but no false promises for a cure, just careful steady progress.
    Now after "transplant" at the Geek hospital and testing during "rehab" my old obsolete computer and software have been restored so I can complete my long project and publish in a few months.
    The cost was much lower than I had imagined, considering all the shop hours, phone consultation and the probable cost to acquire parts. Saving my 20-year project is priceless.
    GoGeeks measures up and beyond..."
    -- A.W.G., Longmeadow MA

  • "Thanks so much for the quick, knowledgeable and enjoyable service today. I look forward to an ongoing business relationship with GoGeeks!"
    -- M.B., Longmeadow MA

  • "I just wanted to thank you soooo much for always helping me out and making me laugh! You're a great guy and you saved my children, by reducing my stress over my computer problems!!!!! Thanks again...I O U"
    -- J.D. South Hadley MA

  • "Just wanted to say congratulations to you and your business success! Keep up the good work. I know I have referred many people to you. It is refreshing to get such good service in this day and age..."
    -- PSC, Wilbraham, MA

  • "Thanks for cleaning my Gateway of all personal stuff. Glenwood School was thrilled to get it and I even found all my original books and discs to go with it. Thanks again."
    -- N.A., Agawam MA

  • "Thank you for setting up our computer. We had fun on it today. Thank you."
    -- E.B., Longmeadow MA (7 years old)

  • "Thank you for setting up the computer."
    -- C.B., Longmeadow MA (6 years old)

  • "Just want to thank everyone for the fast service and great job ... was very professional and attentive to all my ridiculous questions. Kudos ... for getting the spyware crap and other viruses out of the computer. In the future I would not hesitate to recommend you guys."
    -- S.W. , Springfield MA

  • "Thank you very much. Your patience and kindness was exceptional."
    -- S.K., Longmeadow MA

  • "Thanks again for your superior support!!!"
    -- S.C., South Hadley MA

    -- B.W., Westfield MA

  • "I just wanted to thank you for your quick, courteous service at my home the other day. Your ad is correct ... you are 'my hero'..."
    -- R.F., East Longmeadow MA

  • "I just wanted to thank you for the fast and professional service you provided to get my computer system going. In-home computer repair was the best thing in my case and your fast response made the whole experience worth a lot more. I appreciated the extra advice and would not hesitate to use your service again and refer you to everyone I know. Thanks! ..."
    -- R.B., Springfield MA

  • "Our new computer that you built for us is working great!! I still absolutely love it after a whole year. Unfortunately, the only downside seems to be that we never see you anymore because our computer never needs fixing ..."
    -- M.N., East Longmeadow MA

  • "Great job! Thank you ..." -- D.F., Westfield MA

  • "Thank you so much for getting my granddaughter's computer up and running again ..."
    -- B.D., Hampden MA

  • "I can't thank you enough for your help with this. How on earth did you get the information back? ... I really appreciate your help, excellent service and your expertise. I am constantly telling people about you and how good you are ... Thanks again ..."
    -- S.F., East Longmeadow MA

GoGeeks FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

GoGeeks is a rescue business and our goal is to rescue you! We have been in business since 2001. Our services include repair, training and manufacturing new computers in our East Longmeadow location near the rotary across from Walgreens. We offer both drop-off options and housecall service to our local area. If you drop-off your computer to our East Longmeadow shop or to any of our designated drop-off depot partners, we offer FREE DIAGNOSTIC. That means we will evaluate your machine and provide a FREE NO OBLIGATION quote for repair. If you schedule a housecall, you will be charged either for the service call if we can resolve it or for the repair if we need to bring it back to the shop – NOT BOTH! In most cases, we do not charge by the hour for our work (with some exceptions) but by flat-rates based on the job. We avoid geek-speak and talk to you in plain English that you can understand. We are aware that the tech world can be frustrating and confusing – we are never rude or condescending. Our business has been built on referrals. Your satisfaction is our goal! Check out our Fan Mail page for feedback from those we have rescued before [INSERT LINK] Pick up the phone and call us for more information 413/525-8897. Stop spending frustrating hours on the phone with the other side of the world speaking to people with almost impenetrable accents … Call East Longmeadow NOT East Asia! Let GoGeeks Rescue You!
You do not need an appointment to drop-off your computer to us – just check our hours of operation so you show up when we are there. If it is a laptop be sure to bring the power cord! There is no charge for a diagnostic/evaluation on drop-offs: if you drop-off your computer to our East Longmeadow shop or to any of our designated drop-off depot partners, we offer FREE DIAGNOSTIC. That means we will evaluate your machine and provide a FREE NO OBLIGATION quote for repair. In most cases, we will call you within 24 hours with a quote. When repair is complete, you will be notified for pickup. Payment is expected at time of pickup unless other arrangements have been made in advance. In most cases, we will provide a free follow-up call to our local area if you experience problems after pick-up. Note: if you are in our local area and are handicapped or elderly and cannot physically bring your computer in to us, if you communicate that to us we will typically offer a free pickup for diagnostic purposes. Be sure to mention this when you call.
Depot Partners are other local businesses – like Shoenique in Longmeadow and Odyssey Bookshop in South Hadley – that have partnered with us to make dropping off more convenient for you based upon geography or hours of operation. If you drop-off at a Depot Partner location, you are eligible for the same FREE DIAGNOSTIC NO OBLIGATION quote for repair that you would get if you dropped off at our shop. Typically, we will pick-up your computer from a Depot Partner location on the same day or the next day after you drop it off. Once we get it back to our shop for evaluation, you will usually hear from us within 24 hours with a quote. When the repair is complete, you can pick it up from our shop or the same Depot Partner location where you dropped it off. Check out our Depot Partners here.
Sometimes a service call makes the most sense. Installing a new router or providing training at your desk are good examples of this. An onsite tune-up is another. It is also sometimes the best route for repair: we can evaluate your computer and your network onsite at your home or business in our local area to try to determine the issue and the best resolution. If we can resolve your issue onsite, in most cases the charge is only $80. If we need to take your computer back to the shop for repair, then we will charge you ONLY for the repair, not the service call – so you do not get charged twice! In most cases, free diagnostic does not apply if we go out to you, but if you are in our local area and are handicapped or elderly and cannot physically bring your computer in to us, if you communicate that to us we will typically offer a free pickup for diagnostic purposes. Be sure to mention this when you call. Service calls may be scheduled Mon-Fri 10AM-6PM. We usually schedule service calls in a two-hour window and will arrive somewhere within that window. We generally cannot give you an exact time or call ahead when we are on the way. However, exceptions to rules are possible – ask and if we can accommodate you we will!
Yes we do! We manufacture and sell top quality computers for home and business that are faster and are far superior to anything you will find on a retail shelf. And our desktop PCs come with a boatload of free services including: free delivery, installation, data transfer, security software, recycling, a free loaner upon request, one year onsite warranty – and more – a total of $350 worth of services that are included at NO CHARGE with any that computer you purchase from us. We use only standard parts – not propriety parts – so your computer will last longer and will be more upgradeable than a brand. Also, if you move to Idaho or we get run over by a bus, anyone anywhere can work on your computer. All of our computers include a one year onsite hardware warranty, but whether you are in warranty or not you will be dealing with our friendly staff here in East Longmeadow, not spending frustrating hours on the phone with the other side of the world speaking to people with almost impenetrable accents. Your satisfaction is guaranteed! The Desktop PC is back – who needs a laptop when you can get the power and ergonomic comfort of a fast, reliable desktop with a large monitor in front of you along with a real keyboard & mouse? We have three lines of computers geared for home, business or gamers, but we can also fully customize something for you to suit your needs or requirements. Check out our Custom PC web page and watch the videos, then call 413-525-8897 to set up a FREE CONSULTATION at your home or office or in our shop. Call East Longmeadow NOT East Asia! Let GoGeeks Rescue You!
No we do not, but we partner with a local dealer who does and offer services to accommodate setup and installation for you. Call for more information. But first: are you sure you want a laptop? If you are not a student or a travelling business person who has to work with spreadsheets, then pick up a cheap tablet for when you are on the road and get the power and ergonomic comfort of a fast, reliable desktop with a large monitor in front of you along with a real keyboard & mouse. We sell desktops – our Custom PC web page!
We are the best -- and the most modest! But seriously, GoGeeks takes very good care of its clients and these clients often refer us to their friends, family and colleagues as a result. We are very loyal to our customer base and they have been very loyal to us in return. We are often told that we are held in such high esteem by our customers because it is very difficult to find computer professionals who are not arrogant or condescending, who speak to you in plain English, who are honest and dependable, and who actually deliver on their promises. Check out our Fan Mail page
Your data is 100% safe with us. We deal with attorneys, accountants, doctors and other professionals and often have their home and business computers in our shop for repair. All of our employees sign confidentiality agreements so your personal data and the sensitive data of your own clients are completely protected from exposure. If your computer is infected, you are at a much greater risk of compromising your security by failing to act: let GoGeeks Rescue You and rest assured your data and your privacy is safe – we guarantee it!
We accept cash, check, all major credit cards and PayPal. Payment is expected at time of service unless other arrangements have been made in advance. Custom computers must be paid for in full at the time the order is placed; typical turnaround time is 4 weeks. Make a payment online here.
We value our integrity and our safety. We reserve the right not to travel to certain areas or certain neighborhoods. We also reserve the right to refuse to do business with any individual or business entity we so choose. If you miss a scheduled appointment or treat our people in a rude or threatening fashion, we may opt to add you to that list.