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When Your PC is on the Blink: Let GoGeeks Rescue You ...

When we think about repair of most items in our daily life -- such as your car or lawnmower or a major household appliance -- we typically are envisioning a worn or broken part that needs to be replaced. Sometimes that is the case with a home computer, but very rarely. Most of the time, your problem is not hardware-related. This is difficult to conceptualize for the computer novice, but most PC issues are software-related. What the heck does that mean? OK -- here's a free lesson -- get ready:

Unlike almost everything else you own, a home computer contains software -- lots of it! Many appliances in today's world use software too, but generally this is programmed into the unit itself and is not designed to be altered by the end-user: you! A PC has that kind of information in it also -- it is called the BIOS and is programmed into the motherboard that controls your computer. BIOS updates are rare and should only be updated by a computer professional. That is not the kind of software we are talking about!

The major piece of software in your computer is the operating system, and while there are several types of operating system software, most of the world utilizes the Microsoft Windows Operating System. (Another major operating system is the Apple Macintosh.) There are several different versions of Windows currently in use, including Windows XP, the somewhat buggy Windows Vista and the brand new cutting edge Windows 7 operating system. The Windows operating system is based upon a "registry" of information with thousands of pieces of info, much of it expressed in "0's" and "1's" -- the binary system of computer language. If your registry gets corrupted, your computer will not operate correctly -- it may not operate at all!

The operating system often includes other software programs "bundled" into it like picture viewers, music and video players, simple word processors and games. Many PC manufacturers also include other programs with the PC's sold at retail. Most consumers purchase other software for their computers, as well. Digital photo programs, productivity software, games, encyclopedias, and PC security programs are typical programs people often purchase separately and install into their home computers.

The greatest thing about computers is the variety of programs available for installation, making your PC almost infinitely expandable and customizable! But there is a flip-side to this as well: all software programs do not play nicely with each other -- literally! For instance, your system could be running great and one day you install some travel mapping software a buddy recommends. Everything might seem fine at first, but a few days later you might open a program you have been using for years -- like Word or Excel for example -- and suddenly there are all kinds of errors. Or let's suppose that your travel program causes no problems on its own, but a few days later your niece or grandson shows up with some kid's game. The child installs it (because kids know how to install stuff!) and the next time you restart your computer you get "the blue screen of death!" And by the way, the travel program and the kid's game run on other people's computers with no issues! This is a classic example of what an end user will often consider an unfathomable computer glitch, but it's fairly common. There are thousands of software programs in use today. The majority of these programs have successfully passed Windows testing. This means they will run on the Windows operating system. At the same time, they often have not been tested to run with all of these other programs in the same "environment."

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Do you use your computer for business? For web browsing? For digital editing? For gaming? For making movies? For spreadsheets? For e-mail? For music? For writing letters? For research? For puzzles? For videos? For messaging? For webcamming? For job hunting? For accounting? For shopping? For writing poetry? For blogging? For school? For work? For fun? For journaling? For staying in touch? For everything?

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When Your PC is on the Blink: Let GoGeeks Rescue You ...

  • We build the computer you want to suit your needs!
  • Local warranty - Call East Longmeadow Not East Asia!
  • We manufacture only quality computers using premium components!
  • Standard parts - not proprietary -- fully upgradeable by any vendor!
  • We include FREE delivery & installation!+
  • We include pre-installed security software - at no extra charge!
  • We transfer your documents, pictures & music from your old PC - for free!
  • We scrub your data & recycle your old PC upon request - for free!
  • 1 year warranty on hardware - just like the brands - no calls to India!
  • Value & Satisfaction!

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You deserve the computer that’s right for you!

GoGeeks manufacture and sells top quality computers for home and business that are faster and are far superior to anything you will find on a retail shelf. And our desktop PCs come with a boatload of free services including: free delivery, installation, data transfer, security software, recycling, a free loaner upon request, one year onsite warranty – and more – a total of $350 worth of services that are included at NO CHARGE with any that computer you purchase from us. We use only standard parts – not propriety parts – so your computer will last longer and will be more upgradeable than a brand. Also, if you move to Idaho or we get run over by a bus, anyone anywhere can work on your computer. All of our computers include a one year onsite hardware warranty, but whether you are in warranty or not you will be dealing with our friendly staff here in East Longmeadow, not spending frustrating hours on the phone with the other side of the world speaking to people with almost impenetrable accents. Your satisfaction is guaranteed! The Desktop PC is back – who needs a laptop when you can get the power and ergonomic comfort of a fast, reliable desktop with a large monitor in front of you along with a real keyboard & mouse? We have three lines of computers geared for home, business or gamers, but we can also fully customize something for you to suit your needs or requirements.

*(All computers built to your specification. Payment in full is required when order is placed. All orders are special orders and no cancellation is permitted. Delivery is typically 4 weeks. Free services included in all purchases are valued at approximately $350. Office clients receive discounts on installation and networking as needed. One year local onsite hardware warranty.)

PC Sucks

PC Training GoGeeks offers a whole new approach to training

A whole new way to learn!

Are you baffled by your computer, frustrated with features your friends and family find simple, unable to download an attachment or burn a CD? Let GoGeeks rescue you with Computer 101 training sessions that will build your confidence, hone your skills and take you effortlessly to the next level!


Are you a confident, power user with well-developed computer skills looking to get to the next level with business applications like Excel or Access? Let GoGeeks rescue with you intermediate and advanced training that will save you time and improve your productivity.

The GoGeeks approach to training is different from the conventional one. First of all, there are no classes to attend at some remote location. Nor is there the other extreme --audio, video or online instruction that requires daily self-motivation.

So what is our secret?

We believe that adults learn best through focused one-on-one in person training sessions at your home or office, on your computer, at your convenience – one hour at a time!

All you do is call the office, discuss your training needs and book an appointment. We will show up at your home or office when scheduled, allow ten minutes or so of get-acquainted time, then dive in with you on the agreed agenda. That’s right: agreed agenda! That means that you communicate what you are looking to accomplish and we will work with you to achieve your goals. Obviously, you need to be realistic based upon the time available and your skill level going into the session, but with that in mind more than 95% of all of our "pupils" report success with the GoGeeks training method.

Keep in mind that there are no prerequisites for taking a course with us, no minimum or maximum number of sessions, no contracts to sign, no nonsense!

Computer 101 ...

For beginners, we offer a course called "Computer 101" that runs either a single focused one-hour session or a more ambitious & detailed course that is two sessions a week for four weeks. Once again, you can start with a single hour and expand it, or you can plan on multiple sessions and change your mind later. Training is risk-free! Even more importantly, we understand that the computer novice is often intimidated by the technology and sometimes think they are not smart enough to master the material. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth! Anyone can use a computer – that’s why you see three year olds banging away on a keyboard. But a computer is the most expensive item you’ll buy that doesn’t come with instructions. So most people stumble through the technology and only utilize ten percent of their PC. One or two lessons –in your living room, on your PC, one on one – can change that dramatically. This is because learning to use a computer, like learning to read, is exponential – once you master the basics, each successive level is easier and easier!

See Spot Run ... See Spot Use Email!

Learning how to master your PC is a lot like learning to read when you were a kid: first you figure out that all those squiggly lines are letters, then that you can assemble the letters into words, and finally that those words can get strung together into sentences and paragraphs and chapters and books! Of course, once you’ve read "See Spot Run", the other books in the series come a lot easier and a lot faster! Computing for the novice user follows that metaphor pretty closely.

Don’t get left behind by the computer revolution! If you are like most people, you already have the computer - the big investment is behind you! A much smaller investment in training so you can actually maximize your computing potential will pay dividends in many, many ways.

Here are some of the skills we have helped our clients master:

  • How to use email.
  • How to download attachments.
  • How to burn a CD.
  • How to backup your data.
  • How to write a letter.
  • How to create a spreadsheet (with the appropriate software installed).
  • How to use search engines on the internet.
  • How to transition from AOL email to something else, like Outlook Express.
  • How to transfer pictures from your digital camera to your PC.
  • How to use your scanner.
  • How to edit photos.

Don’t let your PC turn into an expensive ornament you only occasionally use for email and web browsing! Turn your PC and yourself into partners for success – call GoGeeks today to talk about training and schedule your first session!

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When the word "networking" gets used by the non-technical audience, what often comes to mind is a couple of dozen computer workstations wired together in a business office environment. While the definition that image conjures up is indeed accurate, there is much more that sits under the shade of the networking umbrella. Home networking is one of these.

Home Networking You Can All Surf the Web at the Same Time!

Home networking generally means sharing your internet connection, although it can be more than that, as well. But sharing your internet connection is a big deal! Something that hardly anyone talked about as recently as three years ago, setting up a home network to share your high speed connection is much in demand these days.

Why is that?

Well, first of all, more and more households have two and sometimes three or four or five computers in all. This is both because the price of purchasing a new PC has dropped considerably, as well as due to the pressure for multiple family members to use a PC simultaneously – for school, for work, for pleasure. The logical outgrowth of this is the need to get online at the same time, which was possible in the days of dial-up only if you had more than one phone line.

Then along came cable and DSL high speed connections. Every day, thousands of Americans make the switch from their old dial-up AOL, EarthLink and WorldNet connections to their local cable or telephone company’s brand of high-speed access. No more waiting interminably as the modem dials and struggles to connect, no more making another cup of tea while an image downloads, no more busy signals on your phone when friends and family try to reach you.

But now that you have high-speed and more than one computer, what’s next?

That’s where home networking comes in! A device called a router gets connected to your cable or DSL modem, and suddenly you can hook up dozens of computers wired or wirelessly and all get online at once without paying an additional dime to your internet service provider! You can even take your laptop out on your deck and surf the web at high speed! Now that’s something!

But something else is getting it all hooked up and running smoothly … Let GoGeeks Rescue you!

GoGeeks will consult with you, make recommendations, quote you a price, install your network and leave you smiling! We provide the equipment, the know-how and the customer service orientation to deliver what you are looking for. We can get your internet shared and we can do more: we can set up printer sharing, so that you can send a document to your printer from your laptop on the deck or by the pool; we can lock you down securely so your neighbors can’t intrude on your network; we can even set up file sharing so you can effortlessly copy or move documents, pictures and music among your home computers.

Office Networking Too!

In addition to home networking, GoGeeks also provides networking service and support for small office and home office. Call today for more information about our networking services.

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Online Backup (Carbonite)

What would you do if all of your data was lost?

From simple to sophisticated, we have the Carbonite solution for you

We have partnered with Carbonite to keep businesses running smoothly. Whether its computer protection, server backup or both, you can easily find the solution meets your needs.

What would you do if all your data was lost? What if your computer crashed and you lost all your files—all your documents, pictures and music? All your business and financial files? Everything. Just gone in an instant. Photographs were once stored in boxes in the basement or the attic. Now they reside on hard drives, and if those hard drive fail all your kid’s baby pictures are gone, all those precious moments of important family events, all those final photos of cherished loved ones who have passed on. But it doesn’t have to be that way! GoGeeks has partnered with Carbonite to offer you an easy, inexpensive, automatic cloud backup that is safe and secure. There is a plan for everyone—affordable and reliable!

Click below to learn more about how you can safeguard your data today:



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